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Take the Baskin Robbins Guest Experience Survey, and get some tweaks to win $1 Off in the next purchase.

Everyone has an idea about the Baskin Robbins brand. The well-known Baskin Robbins is an American ice-cream and cake chain shop established in Canton, Massachusetts.

Founded in the year 1945, Baskin – Robbins claims to be the world’s largest ice-cream chain.

Baskin robbins restaurant
Baskin Robbins

The chain has 7,500 stores, 2,500 in the United States and rests 5,000 in different parts of the world. Moreover, Baskin-Robbins serves in 50 nations.

The chain is famous for the “31 flavors” slogan. This signifies that a customer can enjoy one flavor per day.

Moreover, the company has found 1,000+ flavors since 1945. The company has a presence in Kuwait, India, Armenia, Qatar, Maldives and rest.

About Baskin Robbins Survey

  • Are you fond of ice-creams? Then one must go for the Baskin-Robbins as the chain offers you a chance to give customer feedback.
  • This customer feedback offers you a chance to win rewards and sweepstakes.
  • Baskin-Robbins has started with an online survey web portal
  • This portal allows a customer to win $1 discount Baskin Robbins Customer Coupon Code for giving loyal feedback

Baskin Robbins Sweepstakes Prize

By winning the Baskin Robbins customer survey, one would be eligible to enter the sweepstakes and also get $1 off next $4 or more on Baskin Robbin’s next purchase.

Baskin Robbins Feedback Rules & Regulations

In order to give Baskin-Robbins Survey, a customer must follow certain rules and regulations which are as follows:

  1. If a customer wishes to take the Baskin Robbins Customer Feedback Survey, he/she must possess the latest cash receipt.
  2. A customer has the liberty to choose languages. He/she must either choose Spanish, French or English to continue the survey.
  3. A customer must make sure that he/she has established an internet connection and can give a survey from any device whether smartphone, laptop, PC or a tab.
  4. A customer must make sure that he/she is a minimum of 18 years old or above.
  5. A person can get a discount coupon code or free meal after the completion of the survey.
  6. One must use these discount Baskin Robbins Coupons within 6 months.

How To Take Dunkin Baskin.Com Guest Survey

  1. Visit Baskin-Robbins Survey Site: Users must reach the Baskin-Robbins stores via official web link
  2. Language: As discussed earlier, a customer has the freedom to choose any language he is comfortable with. The languages available are Spanish, French, and English.
  3. Questions and Answers: A customer must make sure to read and attend every question genuinely. He/she must answer every question honestly.
  4. Get the code: Finally, the survey giver will receive the Baskin Robbins Discount Code.
  5. He/she has to note that down and this code can be used during the next Baskin Robbins visit. homepage

The design of the survey homepage of the Baskin robbins is elegant with a blue & pink combination. homepage
Baskin Robbins Survey Homepage

Baskin Robbins Contact Support Details

If a customer wishes to contact the Baskin Robbins store, he/she can make a call on 1(800) 859-5339.

One can also visit the official Baskin Robbins website link

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Baskin Robbins Social Media Presence

Baskin Robbins is actively present on all social media platforms viz Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and lots more.

The Baskin Robbins makes sure to give a quick response to a customer’s query.

Moreover, a customer can also give the survey via social media platforms. All one needs to do is follow and like the different pages.

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