Wendy’s Restaurant At Mint Hill Got 86.50 Health Inspection Score

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Everyone knew that Wendy’s is one of the larger restaurant chains in the United States. The food available at Wendy’s is delicious to eat. You can eat plenty of food varieties at Wendy’s.

Keeping all the name and fame of Wendy’s restaurant aside, you have to think twice before visiting Wendy’s restaurant.

Some of Wendy’s restaurants are not providing quality food to the customers. You don’t believe, all the Flies are in the Kitchen and plenty of ants are available in the dining room.

Wendys Food Items

The customers don’t know the backside situation of the restaurant, customers are taking the risk to eat such kind of contaminated food.

Basically, it is not the mistake of the customers, as they are not aware of how clean the authority is handling the food.

Health Inspection For Wendy’s At Mint Hill

A health inspection at the Mint Hill of Wendy’s Restaurant has a Health Inspection score of 86.50. The score of Wendy’s health inspection is not at all good.

On June 21st, 2019, there is a sudden inspection held at the wendy’s restaurant by the Mecklenburg County health and safety inspector. Further, the inspection is held at 6849 Matthews Mint Hill Road.

So, this is the situation of the Wendy’s Restaurant at the Mint Hill. But, why the food score is too low? Is any particular reason for it?

Yup, there are plenty of reasons to get a low health score. The essential reason for it is, flies and ants were in the kitchen and dining room respectively.

Moreover, the on-duty person at Wendy’s restaurant did not have a food safety certificate. The cleanliness at Wendy’s restaurant is worse. Moreover, the employees are even worse.

The employees at wendy’s restaurant are dispensing the food with bare hands. Further, they are serving the food with the same hand without washing, isn’t the worse thing? It is.

The cashier is taking the payments like cash and card, even he is serving food without washing his hands. There are plenty of drawbacks to Wendy’s restaurant at the Mint Hill.

Also, the Employees are having artificial nails with colors to it, still, they are not wearing the gloves to serve the food. It is not good to touch the other food with bare hands. All these are major drawbacks to Wendy’s restaurant.

Even though it is one of the best restaurants in the United States. With the poor maintenance, it has paid the price.

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